News From The Desk of The Dark Lord - July 10th, 2006: Good never triumphs completely- yes, we are back.

April/May brought us The Ticket by guest artist Bob Oosterwijk of Star Bored fame. Alas, damnation is near total the further one gets into a Blackaby storyline, an Mr Oosterwijk shall be enjoying our company ... down here, for a while ...

Taking his place comes the dastardly James Stewart, associate of own Viger, and purveyor of ... well, you will see. The Comet has arrived.

News From The Desk of The Dark Lord - April 4th, 2006: What's this, you say? An update? Well it is 06, you know - one of our favourite years ...

In April, the cruelest month and also a favourite, we say Ave! to the creators and bringers of The Menace. Thank you very muchly and darkly to Rexy of Wish In One Hand, Girl from BOLT, and Doc Hyperion (with that many links there must be evil - and genius! - afoot!) - we enjoy their work while we pestilize and faminize, and we suggest that you do, too!

April also brings our current offering, The Beach, from the devilish hands and dark mind of Sortelli - ave! More laudations to come, but for now, a plague of a million years - enjoy your April ...

News From The Desk of The Dark Lord - 15/12/05: Welcome to the latest issue of Blackaby! Be aware that from now on you will be unable to stop viewing The Video as the pause button is broken.

Once again we thank the supremely gifted Caravaggio for the success of the last issue, and we remind him (and you) that there is always a warm place in the heart of Hell for him (and you!) ...

With that in mind, onwards and upwards- or downwards and darkwards, as may be the case ...

News From The Desk of The Dark Lord - 22/10/05: WOOO we have now reached 50 comics which is a HUGE milestone! HURRAH to us. Thank you again for clicking. Marvellous work there.

This guest comic - The Village - is the work of the great and talented Caravaggio, whose work can be found here and hanging in the Rijksmuseum. You should visit and give him mad props and email him to congratulate him on his brilliance. Caravaggio would like to add: "Thanks for reading, eat more emu, wear more hash." Much love, much love.

News From The Desk of The Dark Lord - 06/08/05: Welcome to the second issue. Please be aware, readers, that Blackaby is not a LINEAR COMIC.

It contains a central group of characters, all of whom have adventures. The comic is a series of short stories that include back-stories, explanations, and many other related tales involving the characters. Only the actual *issues* progress in any kind of linear fashion. Now that that's cleared up ... PLEASE CONTINUE READING. AND CLICKING. WE LIKE THE CLICKING.

News From The Desk of The Dark Lord - 06/07/05:The follow Blackaby storyline was drawn, coloured and lettered by the incredibly talented and sexy Mr Ken Klaus, of Vade Mecum, Boredom Tastes Like Chocolate, and Refrigerated Cake. Check out his works and his despair at: Give him the love he rightly deserves! Otherwise I'll have to give it to him. And I'm all... squishful. :(

Why is Ken Klaus drawing Blackaby? I hear you ask with my telepathic powers. Well we at Blackaby Inc. do not believe in padding out our archives with uncoloured sketches and meaningless guest art. Why? Because it PISSES US OFF to see them in other comics. Instead, we find talented artists and beg them to draw short Blackaby storylines that actually have RELEVANCE - introducing Blackaby characters or Blackaby back history that might be omitted from the current stories! It's the GIFT that KEEPS ON GIVING! Sort of.

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